Businesses in Termas Villavicencio

Area Codes261
Local TimeMonday 10:45 AM
TimezoneArgentina Standard Time
Lat & Lng-32.52739° / -69.01589°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/9/114:30 PM4.723.5 km128,000 mMendoza,
3/26/1011:37 PM4.721.6 km24,500 mMendoza,
6/1/098:52 PM4.920.3 km26,400 mMendoza,
8/5/0812:47 PM3.71.9 km142,400 mMendoza,
5/4/086:54 PM3.215.8 km10,000 mMendoza,
11/16/074:19 AM3.117.9 km138,700 mMendoza,
6/19/065:31 AM3.39 km9,400 mMendoza,
1/29/065:24 AM3.820.6 km141,700 mMendoza,
1/23/065:45 PM3.723.3 km156,900 mMendoza,
9/15/054:46 AM3.320.8 km149,000 mMendoza,

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