The Limousine Line

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3 Wavell Ave, Carlingford NSW 2118, Australia
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City: Carlingford, New South Wales
Neighborhood: Carlingford North
Postal: 2118
Administrative region: New South Wales
Country: Australia


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Rita AquilinaThe Limousine Line


The Limousine Line is located in Carlingford, New South Wales. The Limousine Line is working in Airports, Travel and transportation, Buses and trains activities. You can contact the company at 0411 211 400. You can find more information about The Limousine Line at You can contact the company by email at . Rita Aquilina is associated with the company.
Categories:Warehousing and support activities for transportation, Service activities incidental to air transportation, Other passenger land transport.
ISIC Codes:4922, 52, 5223.

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