Best of Adelaide Hills - Cybo

Local TimeThursday 10:28 AM
TimezoneAustralian Central Daylight Time
Lat & Lng-34.91119° / 138.70735°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/8/184:01 AM3.243.7 km13,000 m12km WNW of Mannum,
2/1/175:37 AM3.947.5 km10,000 m9km NW of Murray Bridge,
10/18/118:52 AM3.314 km17,000 mnear the coast of South
4/16/106:57 AM3.829.1 kmNonenear the coast of South
5/23/0411:35 AM3.372.9 km18,000 mnear the coast of South
8/16/9111:28 PM4.186.3 km33,000 mnear the coast of South

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills are part of the Mount Lofty Ranges, east of the city of Adelaide in the state of South Australia. It is unofficially centred on the largest town in the area, Mount Barker, which has a population of around 29,000 and is also one of Au..  ︎  Adelaide Hills Wikipedia Page