Businesses in Qaraçuxur


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 17.5%
 Restaurants: 12.7%
 Food: 10.8%
 Education: 9.7%
 Home Services: 7.8%
 Automotive: 6%
 Community & Government: 6%
 Industry: 6%
 Medical: 5.2%
 Professional Services: 4.9%
 Other: 13.4%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Grocery stores and supermarkets94.30.1
NeighborhoodsKhatai, Nizami, Surakhani, Suraxanı, Xətai, Yeni Gunashli
Local TimeSunday 5:51 AM
TimezoneAzerbaijan Standard Time
Lat & Lng40.39667° / 49.97361°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Qaraçuxur
 Nizami: 48.5%
 Khatai: 22.7%
 Surakhani: 7.6%
 Suraxanı: 4.5%
 Yeni Gunashli: 4.5%
 Xətai: 4.5%
 Other: 7.6%

Business distribution by price for Qaraçuxur, Baku

 Inexpensive: 49.6%
 Moderate: 44.7%
 Expensive: 5.7%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/8/139:35 PM4.741 km24,290 m21km NNE of Bilajer,
11/15/1111:33 AM4.435.3 km39,300 mCaspian Sea, offshore
11/11/084:14 PM3.924.7 km32,700 mCaspian Sea, offshore
2/3/0811:39 AM3.29.1 km35,000
1/30/0812:37 AM418.7 km10,000 mCaspian Sea, offshore
7/7/079:00 AM3.724.4 km10,000 mCaspian Sea, offshore
5/2/0711:44 AM4.217 km45,900
10/24/031:47 PM4.637.5 km33,000 mCaspian Sea, offshore
10/4/032:10 AM4.129 km10,000 mCaspian Sea, offshore
7/25/034:59 PM3.926.9 km33,000 mCaspian Sea, offshore

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Qaraçuxur, Baku

Qaraçuxur (also spelled as , Gharachukhur, Imeni Kaganovicha, Kaganovich, Kaganovicha, Karachekhur, Karachukhur, Posëlok Imeni Kaganovicha, Serebovski, and Serebrovskiy) is a settlement and municipality in Baku, Azerbaijan. It has a population of 77,..  ︎  Qaraçuxur Wikipedia Page