Businesses in Nowlamary

Local TimeSaturday 1:54 AM
TimezoneBangladesh Standard Time
Lat & Lng23.67346° / 88.98885°
Postal Codes7210

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/14/145:10 AM4.297.8 km14,430 m22km W of Sirajganj,
8/6/1311:36 AM4.564.9 km35,880 m7km NNE of Shantipur,
6/9/1112:34 AM4.468.4 km35,000
1/4/0911:04 PM4.278.9 km35,000 mIndia-Bangladesh border
7/5/089:55 AM4.294.7 km35,000 mIndia-Bangladesh border
8/5/067:39 AM4.291.4 km10,000
9/23/968:28 PM4.655.1 km36,400 mIndia-Bangladesh border
9/28/949:46 AM4.658.5 km33,000 mIndia-Bangladesh border