Businesses in Bostina


Business Distribution by Industry
 Religion: 30.4%
 Hotels & Travel: 21.7%
 Restaurants: 13%
 Industry: 8.7%
 Sports & Activities: 8.7%
 Automotive: 4.3%
 Home Services: 4.3%
 Postal Services: 4.3%
 Professional Services: 4.3%
Area Codes3019
Local TimeTuesday 10:45 AM
TimezoneEastern European Summer Time
Lat & Lng41.61667° / 24.76667°
Postal Codes47254726472747284743More

Business distribution by price for Bostina, Smolyan Province

 Moderate: 47.4%
 Inexpensive: 26.3%
 Expensive: 26.3%

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Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/22/183:15 PM436.3 km10,000 m9km SSW of Asenovgrad,
2/21/183:41 PM4.448.6 km12,270 m3km NNW of Asenovgrad,
3/26/0810:08 AM3.351.1 km5,000 mGreece-Bulgaria border
6/3/074:17 PM3.328.2 km25,000
4/27/075:01 PM3.239.7 km3,000
2/19/071:34 PM3.448.2 km24,000 mGreece-Bulgaria border
12/28/0612:54 PM3.154.8 km4,000
12/5/069:20 AM3.561.4 km42,000 mGreece-Bulgaria border
6/24/0612:44 PM3.235.8 km11,000
5/5/069:09 PM3.651.2 km25,000

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Bostina, Smolyan Province

Bostina (Bulgarian: Бостина) is a village in the municipality of Smolyan, located in the Smolyan Province of southern Bulgaria. The village covers an area of 4.77 km² and is located 168.3 km from Sofia. In 2007, the village had a population of 137.  ︎  Bostina Wikipedia Page