Businesses in Mogilino

Area Codes81463
Local TimeMonday 4:41 AM
TimezoneEastern European Summer Time
Lat & Lng43.43333° / 25.98333°
Postal Codes71647165

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/3/172:02 PM4.234.5 km20,570 m8km ENE of Lyaskovets,
2/4/1510:16 PM4.278.8 km10,000 m12km ENE of Tvurditsa,
2/7/0910:39 AM3.895.7 km2,000
5/12/083:11 AM4.126.7 km15,700
4/14/088:43 PM4.274.7 km10,000
3/16/064:45 PM3.177.8 km58,100
10/31/058:54 AM3.190 km6,000
2/25/055:05 AM3.872.6 km7,800
5/14/044:09 AM4.234.9 km24,000
8/27/0010:16 PM3.369.7 km5,000

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Mogilino, Ruse Province

Mogilino is a village in Ruse Province, northern Bulgaria. It became well known internationally after several reports about the institution for children with physical and mental disabilities. In 2007, the BBC showed the film "Bulgaria's Abandoned Chi..  ︎  Mogilino Wikipedia Page