Al Hidd
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Businesses in Al Hidd


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 15.1%
 Restaurants: 12.7%
 Industry: 12.1%
 Professional Services: 11.1%
 Food: 9.7%
 Education: 5.7%
 Home Services: 5.7%
 Other: 28%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Car repair114.10.9
Beauty salons174.01.3
Public administration164.01.3
Grocery stores and supermarkets414.23.2
Construction of houses103.80.8
General contractors114.00.9
Real estate184.51.4
Construction of buildings254.02.0
Wholesale of machinery114.10.9
Corporate management164.21.3
Fast food restaurants174.21.3
Middle eastern restaurants161.3
Clothing stores124.20.9
Office supplies and stationery stores223.91.7
Shopping other154.21.2
Public parks124.20.9
NeighborhoodsBlock 103, Block 104, Block 106, Block 107, Block 108, Block 109, Block 117, Block 244
Local TimeWednesday 3:07 PM
TimezoneArabian Standard Time
Lat & Lng26.24556° / 50.65417°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Al Hidd
 Block 117: 44.3%
 Block 109: 14.4%
 Block 103: 8.2%
 Block 108: 7.2%
 Block 106: 6.2%
 Block 107: 4.1%
 Block 104: 4.1%
 Block 244: 4.1%
 Other: 7.2%

Business distribution by price for Al Hidd, Muharraq Governorate

 Inexpensive: 59.5%
 Moderate: 34.5%
 Expensive: 6.1%

Al Hidd, Muharraq Governorate

Al Hidd (Arabic: الحد‎) is a town in Bahrain, located on a sand spit on the southeastern extremity of Muharraq Island. The town has a large native Sunni population, of bedouin tribal origin, huwala, or Afro-Arabs. the discovery of oil in Bahrain, th..  ︎  Al Hidd Wikipedia Page