Best of Yapacaní - Cybo

Area Codes3
Local TimeSaturday 6:16 PM
TimezoneBolivia Time
Lat & Lng-17.4° / -63.83333°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
10/5/179:59 PM4.641.4 km35,470 m41km WSW of Villa Yapacani,
6/11/176:18 AM5.118.6 km10,000 m18km SW of Villa Yapacani,
6/26/1610:11 AM4.486.3 km35,650 m27km NNW of Comarapa,
12/21/158:21 AM4.987.5 km35,490 m5km ESE of Jorochito,
7/18/141:33 AM4.541.1 km36,180 m14km SSW of Portachuelo,
6/28/146:24 AM4.365.8 km35,750 m14km NNE of Mairana,
6/28/143:58 AM4.265.1 km34,530 m18km NNE of Samaipata,
6/28/143:49 AM4.663.2 km35,820 m17km NNE of Mairana,
4/13/1310:21 AM4.673.5 km39,500 m8km NNE of Warnes,
4/17/129:08 AM4.519.8 km33,600 mSanta Cruz,

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Yapacaní (or Villa Yapacaní) is the largest town in the province of Ichilo in the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz. It lies on the west bank of the Yapacani River, at the mouth of the Surutú River, 100 km north-west of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the l..  ︎  Yapacaní Wikipedia Page