Businesses in Cherry Point, Alberta

Area Codes780
Local TimeWednesday 1:55 PM
TimezoneMountain Standard Time
Lat & Lng56.18321° / -119.95287°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
11/29/185:27 PM4.348.8 km5,100 m27km SSE of Fort St. John,
5/27/139:36 PM4.238.4 km5,000 m18km ESE of Fort St. John,
3/4/086:59 PM3.348 km13,100 mBritish Columbia,
12/27/043:27 PM3.753.9 km10,000 mBritish Columbia,
10/3/011:04 PM3.262.2 km1,000 mBritish Columbia,
6/12/013:09 AM3.953.3 km1,000 mBritish Columbia,
4/13/017:20 PM5.314.5 km10,000 mAlberta,
9/24/002:50 AM3.260.9 km1,000 mBritish Columbia,
5/22/948:06 AM4.249.6 km2,000 mBritish Columbia,
1/30/9310:03 AM3.749.1 km5,000 mBritish Columbia,

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