Businesses in Etobicoke


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 19.1%
 Professional Services: 12.3%
 Industry: 11.7%
 Home Services: 9.8%
 Medical: 8.1%
 Automotive: 6.2%
 Other: 32.9%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Car parts20230.2 years4.20.6
Car repair70627.5 years4.22.0
Beauty salons39324.8 years4.31.1
Hairdressers33925 years4.41.0
Education other18325.6 years4.10.5
Loan companies52326 years4.21.5
Grocery stores and supermarkets40528.9 years4.11.2
General contractors71027.1 years4.22.0
Moving companies16925.8 years4.10.5
Other construction33527.9 years4.31.0
Real estate57723.5 years4.11.7
Construction of buildings41030.7 years4.21.2
Warehousing and storage17926.1 years4.30.5
Wholesale of construction supplies17829.7 years4.00.5
Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco19133.2 years4.30.5
Wholesale of machinery44033.1 years4.11.3
Wholesalers26836.2 years3.80.8
Dentists27524.8 years4.40.8
Health and medical1,26924.7 years3.93.6
Hospitals16825.9 years3.90.5
Physicians and surgeons18324.1 years3.80.5
Accountants19323.1 years4.60.6
Corporate management40424.2 years3.71.2
Lawyers legal33123.8 years4.51.0
Churches22723.9 years4.60.7
Clothing stores37423.9 years4.11.1
Electronics stores42426.6 years4.01.2
Furniture stores22327.3 years4.10.6
Hardware stores39329.1 years3.91.1
Household appliances and goods31126.3 years4.20.9
Office supplies and stationery stores23528.1 years3.80.7
Pharmacies and drug stores18226.8 years3.90.5
Shopping other43327.6 years4.11.2
Public parks20424.2 years4.40.6
Area of Etobicoke, Ontario123.9 km²
Area Codes416780905
Local TimeTuesday 3:04 PM
TimezoneEastern Daylight Time
Weather19.0°C scattered clouds
Lat & Lng43.65421° / -79.56711°
Postal CodesM8VM8YM8Z

Etobicoke, Ontario Population Density

Population Density: 2,807 / km²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Etobicoke, Ontario347,948123.9 km²2,807 / km²
Toronto2.8 million642.8 km²4,311 / km²
Ontario13.8 million1,078,182.8 km²12.8 / km²
Canada35.5 million9,875,295.4 km²3.6 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Etobicoke
 Area Code 416: 87.9%
 Area Code 647: 9%
 Other: 3%

Business distribution by price for Etobicoke, Ontario

 Moderate: 43.6%
 Inexpensive: 33.5%
 Expensive: 11.6%
 Very Expensive: 11.4%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/24/003:22 AM3.141.3 km18,000 msouthern Ontario,
11/26/992:33 PM3.846.4 km12,800 mNew
8/5/892:07 PM3.349.4 km18,000 msouthern Ontario,
7/23/872:32 AM3.419.7 km6,800 msouthern Ontario,
10/4/8310:18 AM3.129.8 km2,000 msouthern Ontario,
8/28/813:51 AM3.395 km18,000 msouthern Ontario,
10/23/5712:22 PM4.393.2 kmNoneNew

Etobicoke, Ontario

Etobicoke /ɛˈtoʊbᵻkoʊ/ (with a silent 'ke') is a former municipality within the western part of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Long populated by First Nations, it began to be settled by Anglo-Europeans in the 1790s; the municipality grew into ..  ︎  Etobicoke Wikipedia Page

Postal Codes

Percentage of businesses by Postal Codes in Etobicoke
 Postal Code M9W: 24.6%
 Postal Code M8Z: 13.9%
 Postal Code M9C: 10.4%
 Postal Code M9V: 8.9%
 Postal Code M8V: 8.1%
 Postal Code M8X: 7%
 Postal Code M9B: 6.9%
 Postal Code M8W: 5.6%
 Postal Code M9A: 5%
 Other: 9.6%