Businesses in New Hamburg, Ontario


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 18%
 Industry: 12%
 Professional Services: 9.3%
 Food: 7.8%
 Home Services: 7.7%
 Automotive: 7.4%
 Medical: 6.7%
 Other: 31.3%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google Rating
Car parts823.8 years4.4
Car repair1723.8 years4.7
Gas stations54.1
Used car dealers523.8 years4.7
Beauty salons63.9
Social work824.7 years3.6
Loan companies74.3
Grocery stores and supermarkets1632.8 years4.2
General contractors2125.5 years4.3
Roofing contractors6
Buses and trains54.4
Other accommodation64.2
Construction of buildings1126.9 years4.0
Freight/commercial transport623.2 years4.7
Import and export631.6 years
Tractors and farm equipment1526.4 years4.5
Wholesale of construction supplies730.5 years5.0
Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco64.5
Wholesale of machinery1528.7 years4.4
Wholesalers741.3 years4.8
Health and medical2622.3 years4.4
Animal and pet stores74.3
Lawyers legal65.0
Churches1523.5 years4.3
Clothing stores624 years4.8
Furniture stores64.3
Gifts, cards and party supplies722.8 years4.4
Hardware stores1035.9 years4.2
Household appliances and goods94.5
Pharmacies and drug stores54.1
Retail of textiles841.8 years4.7
Shopping other74.3
Area Codes519
Local TimeWednesday 12:40 PM
TimezoneEastern Standard Time
Lat & Lng43.38339° / -80.6997°
Postal CodesN3A

Business distribution by price for New Hamburg, Ontario

 Inexpensive: 60%
 Very Expensive: 20%
 Moderate: 10%
 Expensive: 10%

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New Hamburg, Ontario

New Hamburg is a community of approximately 7,930 (2011 stats) in Wilmot Township, a rural township of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario. It is bordered by Baden to the east and Perth County to the west, and is within easy driving distan..  ︎  New Hamburg, Ontario Wikipedia Page