Businesses in Olha, Manitoba

Area Codes204
Local TimeWednesday 11:02 PM
TimezoneCentral Daylight Time
Lat & Lng50.6689° / -100.55616°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/15/197:30 PM4.190.7 km5,000 m17km E of Esterhazy,
4/13/185:49 AM3.981.7 km1,000 m23km S of Langenburg,
9/5/163:40 AM3.896.1 km1,000 m13km ENE of Esterhazy,
2/1/1212:26 AM4.189.7 km1,000 mManitoba,
1/14/115:05 PM3.190 km1,000 mManitoba,
10/31/103:43 PM3.695.3 km1,000 mManitoba,
4/14/109:53 AM4.485.6 km1,000 mManitoba,
12/2/082:22 AM3.484.9 km1,000 mManitoba,
4/10/087:00 PM3.684.4 km1,000 mManitoba,
12/23/077:54 AM3.298.5 km1,000 mManitoba,

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