Businesses in Rorketon, Manitoba


Business Distribution by Industry
 Community & Government: 14.3%
 Industry: 14.3%
 Medical: 14.3%
 Sports & Activities: 14.3%
 Education: 10.7%
 Home Services: 10.7%
 Automotive: 7.1%
 Financial Services: 7.1%
 Pets: 3.6%
 Postal Services: 3.6%
Area Codes204
Local TimeWednesday 11:26 PM
TimezoneCentral Daylight Time
Lat & Lng51.38941° / -99.58941°

Rorketon, Manitoba

Rorketon is a small community located between Lake Dauphin and Lake Manitoba. The main industry in this area is cattle ranching. It is located in the Rural Municipality of Lawrence. According to 2006 census the population of the Lawrence Municipality..  ︎  Rorketon, Manitoba Wikipedia Page