Businesses in York Factory


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 16.8%
 Industry: 13.2%
 Hotels & Travel: 11.4%
 Professional Services: 10.1%
 Financial Services: 9.9%
 Education: 8.5%
 Sports & Activities: 6.2%
 Community & Government: 5%
 Other: 19%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google Rating
Car parts4236.6 years4.3
Car repair17330.1 years4.4
Beauty salons16719.4 years4.4
Hairdressers15020.5 years4.4
Social work704.0
Education other664.0
Primary and elementary schools373.8
Finance other3770.2 years4.2
Loan companies8891.1 years4.2
Bakeries4342.2 years3.9
Convenience stores5025.5 years3.7
Grocery stores and supermarkets10641.1 years3.9
General cleaning services413.4
General contractors18234.8 years4.1
Other construction9446.2 years4.3
Real estate10632.1 years3.7
Construction of buildings8639 years3.8
Other membership organizations464.1
Child care and day care433.8
Laundry5725.1 years4.2
Health and medical29126.8 years3.8
Physicians and surgeons443.8
Corporate management4521.5 years4.5
Lawyers legal8127.8 years4.3
Churches8723.3 years4.3
Bars, pubs and taverns414.1
Italian restaurants384.1
Clothing stores8646.2 years4.3
Electronics stores6832.8 years4.0
Furniture stores7747.6 years4.1
Hardware stores8350.4 years4.2
Household appliances and goods8649.3 years4.1
Shopping other15833.5 years4.0
Public parks454.4
Local TimeWednesday 8:55 PM
TimezoneCentral Daylight Time
Lat & Lng57.00202° / -92.30592°

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in York Factory
 Area Code 416: 85%
 Area Code 647: 11%
 Other: 4%

Business distribution by price for York Factory, Manitoba

 Moderate: 44.4%
 Inexpensive: 38.3%
 Expensive: 8.9%
 Very Expensive: 8.4%

Postal Codes

Percentage of businesses by Postal Codes in York Factory
 Postal Code M6E: 20.6%
 Postal Code M9N: 18.8%
 Postal Code M6M: 17.6%
 Postal Code M6N: 14.1%
 Postal Code M6C: 8.2%
 Postal Code M6S: 7.6%
 Postal Code M6B: 6.9%
 Other: 6.2%