Businesses in Longxi County

Area of Longxi County, Gansu2,408 km²
Area Codes9421
Local TimeTuesday 2:13 AM
TimezoneChina Standard Time
Lat & Lng35.00472° / 104.63944°

Longxi County, Gansu Population Density

Population Density: 203.5 / km²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Longxi County, Gansu490,0002,408 km²203.5 / km²
Gansu25.6 million425,597.7 km²60.2 / km²
China1.4 billion9,342,862.4 km²145.7 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/7/167:02 AM414.3 km13,260 m6km SSE of Wenfeng Zhen,
1/17/168:29 AM4.285.9 km15,320 m26km ESE of Lujing Zhen,
7/19/156:52 AM4.648.1 km44,530 m39km W of Huajialing,
4/15/1512:08 AM4.571.9 km13,100 m35km N of Yangzhuang,
4/9/1512:37 PM4.293.5 km15,190 m12km NNE of Taijing,
10/20/133:03 AM4.185.5 km15,880 m8km ESE of Sigou,
8/16/139:55 PM4.362.1 km15,490 m18km ENE of Chabu,
7/28/138:26 AM4.663.1 km14,970 m14km ENE of Chabu,
7/22/1312:28 AM4.471.5 km10,000 mGansu,
7/21/136:12 PM5.467.7 km10,200 m9km NNE of Chabu,

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Longxi County, Gansu

Longxi County (Chinese: trad. 隴西縣, simp. 陇西县, Lǒngxīxiàn, lit. "West Gansu County") is a county under the administration of Dingxi municipality in Gansu, China.   ︎  Longxi County Wikipedia Page