Businesses in Tianshui

Population3.5 million
Local TimeTuesday 7:44 PM
TimezoneChina Standard Time
Lat & Lng34.57952° / 105.74238°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/17/168:29 AM4.291.1 km15,320 m26km ESE of Lujing Zhen,
4/9/1512:37 PM4.218.3 km15,190 m12km NNE of Taijing,
12/21/143:49 PM473.8 km15,660 m12km N of Jiangkou,
5/29/9612:34 PM3.787 km33,000 mGansu,
3/4/957:55 AM3.376.7 km10,000 mGansu-Ningxia border region,
1/16/9310:46 PM3.859.9 km10,000 mGansu,
1/16/937:59 PM3.265.7 km10,000 mGansu,
12/24/9210:15 PM3.683.8 km33,000 mGansu,
5/24/916:20 PM457.1 km33,000 mGansu,
2/1/9110:24 PM3.586.2 km10,000 mGansu,

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