Businesses in Patim

Local TimeSaturday 7:32 AM
TimezoneCape Verde Standard Time
Lat & Lng14.86667° / -24.43333°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/26/145:19 AM4.319 km11,370 m14km N of Sao Filipe, Cape
8/16/0410:03 PM4.665.7 km10,000 mCape
9/18/986:47 AM575 km10,000 mCape

Patim, São Filipe

Patim (Fogo Crioulo: Patin) is a settlement in the southwestern part of the island of Fogo, Cape Verde. It is situated 8 km southeast of the island capital São Filipe. Patim are situated between the small streams of "Ribeira Vilhal" (Rubera Bidjal in..  ︎  Patim Wikipedia Page