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Businesses in Ashmoun


Business Distribution by Industry
 Religion: 18.7%
 Education: 17.6%
 Shopping: 17%
 Medical: 10.7%
 Restaurants: 5.4%
 Other: 30.6%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Government agencies63.60.1
Public administration83.80.1
Primary and elementary schools64.20.1
Secondary education74.30.1
Loan companies54.60.1
Grocery stores and supermarkets73.60.1
Tractors and farm equipment94.70.1
Health and medical154.40.2
Post offices153.70.2
Electronics stores74.10.1
Pharmacies and drug stores84.50.1
NeighborhoodsDerwah, Madinet Ashmoun, Sabk Al Ahad WA Hessateha WA Kafr Al Marazqah, Samadoun, Sarawah, Shanshor WA Hessateha, Shanway WA Kafr Al Badranah, Shatanof, Tahway
Local TimeFriday 11:15 PM
TimezoneEastern European Standard Time
Lat & Lng30.29857° / 30.97635°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Ashmoun
 Madinet Ashmoun: 33.7%
 Sabk Al Ahad WA Hessateha WA Kafr Al Marazqah: 8.6%
 Samadoun: 6.5%
 Shatanof: 5.2%
 Other: 46%

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Ashmoun
 Area Code 48: 55.3%
 Area Code 100: 14.2%
 Area Code 122: 6.4%
 Area Code 106: 5.5%
 Other: 18.7%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
3/30/1812:44 AM3.371.9 km10,000 m33km ENE of Halwan,
1/21/178:54 AM4.383 km10,000 m35km SE of Bilbays,
2/15/126:15 PM4.362.4 km10,000
6/21/0810:59 AM4.366 km6,200
7/31/059:16 AM4.171 km22,000
8/24/021:01 PM4.443.1 km10,000
12/16/018:25 PM4.453.1 km10,000
6/12/016:43 AM4.474.9 km10,000
12/28/994:05 AM3.938.5 km10,000
1/13/947:29 AM3.547.7 km10,000

Find historical earthquake occurrences near Ashmoun, Monufia Governorate

Earliest Date  Latest Date 
 Magnitude 3.0 and greater   Magnitude 4.0 and greater   Magnitude 5.0 and greater 

Ashmoun, Monufia Governorate

Ashmoun (Arabic: أشمون‎) is a city in Monufia Governorate, Egypt.   ︎  Ashmoun Wikipedia Page