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Local TimeThursday 4:30 PM
TimezoneEastern European Summer Time
Lat & Lng37.39225° / 21.69002°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
11/17/1812:33 PM4.511.1 km10,000 m1km ENE of Zakharo,
1/3/146:57 PM47.4 km47,280 m8km N of Kyparissia,
2/21/126:23 PM4.66.9 km15,000 msouthern
5/7/098:31 AM4.210.1 km50,500 msouthern
5/26/082:01 PM3.24.2 km10,600 msouthern
10/17/0712:53 PM3.413 km12,000 msouthern
10/5/079:53 PM3.58.5 km15,000 msouthern
10/5/078:34 PM4.17.1 km10,000 msouthern
7/20/074:52 AM3.113.2 km2,000 msouthern
1/3/0711:57 PM3.311.8 km15,000 msouthern

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Giannitsochori, Western Greece

Giannitsochori (Greek: Γιαννιτσοχώρι) is a village in the municipality of Zacharo, southern Elis, Greece. It is situated in the narrow coastal plains along the Ionian Sea, 2 km north of the mouth of the river Neda, at the foot of the western extensio..  ︎  Giannitsochori Wikipedia Page