Businesses in Bibinoi

Local TimeSunday 1:46 PM
TimezoneEastern Indonesia Time
Lat & Lng-0.71667° / 127.73333°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/6/1911:52 AM4.616.3 km38,720 m86km N of Laiwui,
7/25/198:30 PM4.116.1 km10,000 m72km N of Laiwui,
7/25/198:01 PM4.49.4 km10,000 m66km NNE of Laiwui,
7/16/199:45 AM4.713 km10,000 m74km N of Laiwui,
7/14/1910:50 PM4.510.4 km10,000 m61km N of Laiwui,
7/14/198:05 PM53.6 km10,000 m73km N of Laiwui,
7/14/198:39 AM4.511.6 km10,000 m79km N of Laiwui,
7/14/195:35 AM4.715.9 km10,000 m75km N of Laiwui,
7/14/195:25 AM4.52.6 km10,000 m67km N of Laiwui,
7/14/195:22 AM4.718.1 km10,000 m82km N of Laiwui,

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