Businesses in Kamojang

Local TimeSunday 11:58 AM
TimezoneWestern Indonesia Time
Lat & Lng-7.16667° / 107.8°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/1/199:52 PM4.426 km72,660 m7km S of Santosa,
12/15/178:47 AM6.554.8 km90,000 m1km E of Kampungbaru,
7/23/175:19 PM4.416.8 km141,580 m3km W of Gudang,
7/17/1710:58 PM4.219.2 km18,560 m8km SE of Banjaran,
11/5/164:44 PM4.223.5 km10,000 m9km NW of Santosa,
7/31/163:46 AM4.248.4 km180,240 m11km NNE of Sumedang Utara,
6/4/164:12 AM4.436.5 km89,560 m1km NNW of Genteng,
5/11/165:21 PM4.432.8 km171,670 m6km E of Bandung,
2/23/163:53 PM4.326.9 km12,930 m10km N of Pasirangin Satu,
11/28/141:06 PM4.134.8 km1,410 m1km SW of Cihaur,

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