Businesses in Kedungwaru


Business Distribution by Industry
 Restaurants: 40.3%
 Shopping: 13.4%
 Sports & Activities: 7.5%
 Hotels & Travel: 6%
 Beauty & Spas: 4.5%
 Entertainment: 4.5%
 Industry: 4.5%
 Religion: 4.5%
 Other: 14.9%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Gas stations64.40.1
Beauty salons60.1
Public administration60.1
Higher education (colleges and universities)70.1
Secondary education70.1
Construction of houses50.1
Construction of buildings160.2
American restaurants170.2
Bars, pubs and taverns80.1
Breakfast and brunch100.1
Indonesian restaurants250.3
Shopping other50.1
Area Codes25
NeighborhoodsKudusan, Plosokandang, Kedungwaru
Local TimeMonday 9:01 AM
TimezoneWestern Indonesia Time
Lat & Lng-8.06667° / 111.91667°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Kedungwaru
 Kudusan, Plosokandang, Kedungwaru: 19%
 Wadu Jaya, Kedungwaru: 9.5%
 Kenayan, Kecamatan Tulungagung: 4.8%
 Mangunsari, Tawangsari, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Karangasari, Bulusari, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Rejoagung, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Kedung Indah, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Mangunsari, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Bakulan, Kromasan, Ngunut: 4.8%
 Tawangsari, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Dusun Kedungsingkal, Ketanon, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Srigading, Plosokandang, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Manggisan, Plosokandang, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Dusun Kedungsingkal, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Trimulyo, Ngujang, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Serut, Ngujang, Kedungwaru: 4.8%
 Rejoagung, Ketanon, Kedungwaru: 4.8%

Business distribution by price for Kedungwaru, East Java

 Moderate: 73.8%
 Inexpensive: 22.8%
 Expensive: 3.4%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/14/185:42 PM4.260.3 km118,120 m13km S of Ngulung Wetan,
6/3/1810:42 PM4.341.3 km108,120 m22km SSW of Jengglungharjo,
3/15/181:25 PM4.438.7 km131,700 m14km E of Krajan Ngrambingan,
12/9/169:28 PM4.238.8 km43,300 m21km SW of Krajan,
9/23/164:33 PM4.210.6 km150,370 m5km WSW of Tiang,
8/2/164:15 AM4.125.3 km123,090 m9km SSW of Trenggalek,
8/21/1512:07 PM4.233.1 km120,620 m13km SW of Apakbranjang,
6/17/141:45 PM4.243.9 km133,240 m11km E of Ngulung Wetan,
3/13/1412:17 PM4.560 km184,190 m4km N of Ngoro,
10/5/1111:26 AM4.754.1 km165,100 mJava,

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