Businesses in Lamongan

Area Codes32322
Local TimeTuesday 3:31 AM
TimezoneWestern Indonesia Time
Lat & Lng-7.0164° / 110.3969°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/28/1811:26 AM4.228.9 km242,870 m24km SSE of Weleri,
5/2/183:47 PM493.7 km10,000 m3km ENE of Belah Lor,
4/17/1811:28 PM4.586 km10,000 m24km SSE of Buaran,
1/13/176:24 AM4.298.3 km10,000 m2km SSE of Bantul,
7/17/163:59 PM4.461.3 km12,010 m4km SE of Mertoyudan,
10/22/1511:10 AM4.472 km53,750 m4km N of Batang,
6/1/154:12 PM4.17.5 km235,190 m5km NNW of Semarang,
5/13/151:00 AM4.393.9 km136,940 m5km ENE of Sewon,
4/2/144:21 AM4.296.4 km10,000 m9km E of Sewon,
4/19/135:00 AM4.867.8 km9,900 m8km NNW of Wonosobo,

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