Businesses in Prapen

Local TimeTuesday 2:31 PM
TimezoneWestern Indonesia Time
Lat & Lng-7.31453° / 112.75667°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/23/175:28 AM4.366.2 km10,000 m8km N of Waru Lor,
4/16/171:56 PM4.158.2 km233,610 m18km SSE of Babat,
4/8/171:17 AM3.990.5 km61,710 m0km ESE of Bureng,
10/16/1610:45 AM4.454.1 km166,430 m9km NE of Jombang,
2/28/157:19 AM4.143.6 km44,060 m28km NE of Pasuruan,
3/13/1412:17 PM4.566.2 km184,190 m4km N of Ngoro,
6/24/1211:43 PM3.770.1 km10,000 mJava,
10/5/1111:26 AM4.787.8 km165,100 mJava,
5/8/111:05 AM4.586.9 km229,000 mJava,
6/24/079:07 AM3.782.6 km176,300 mJava,

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