Businesses in Sumedang Utara


Business Distribution by Industry
 Restaurants: 24.8%
 Shopping: 19.9%
 Automotive: 7.5%
 Sports & Activities: 7.5%
 Industry: 6.8%
 Food: 5.6%
 Home Services: 5.6%
 Other: 22.4%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Car repair224.50.1
Beauty salons110.1
Public administration244.00.1
Education other100.0
Higher education (colleges and universities)254.40.1
Secondary education364.40.2
Creative arts150.1
Convenience stores104.70.0
Grocery stores and supermarkets170.1
Construction of houses140.1
Real estate300.1
Construction of buildings424.70.2
Tractors and farm equipment103.70.0
Cemeteries and crematoriums120.1
American restaurants224.00.1
Indonesian restaurants493.90.2
Seafood restaurants104.00.0
Electronics stores110.1
Office supplies and stationery stores575.00.3
Shopping other100.0
Stadiums and arenas133.80.1
Area Codes26261
NeighborhoodsKotakaler, North Sumedang, Kotakaler, Sumedang Utara, Situ, North Sumedang
Local TimeSunday 12:08 PM
TimezoneWestern Indonesia Time
Weather29.1°C scattered clouds
Lat & Lng-6.85° / 107.91667°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Sumedang Utara
 Kotakaler, Sumedang Utara: 30.3%
 Kotakaler, North Sumedang: 18.2%
 Situ, North Sumedang: 12.1%
 Situ, Sumedang Utara: 6.1%
 Kotakulon, Sumedang Utara: 6.1%
 Talun, Sumedang Utara: 3%
 Padasuka, North Sumedang: 3%
 Kertamekar, Tanjungkerta: 3%
 Margamukti, Sumedang Utara: 3%
 Jatihurip, Sumedang Utara: 3%
 Regol Wetan, Sumedang Selatan: 3%
 Sindanggalih, Cimanggung: 3%
 Jatimulya, Sumedang Utara: 3%
 Rancamulya, North Sumedang: 3%

Business distribution by price for Sumedang Utara

 Moderate: 73.5%
 Inexpensive: 20.6%
 Expensive: 5.8%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/1/199:52 PM4.461.6 km72,660 m7km S of Santosa,
12/7/185:49 AM4.263.4 km265,170 m8km N of Arjawinangun,
2/10/1810:48 PM451.6 km242,260 m10km SSW of Palimanan,
7/23/175:19 PM4.454 km141,580 m3km W of Gudang,
7/17/1710:58 PM4.242.1 km18,560 m8km SE of Banjaran,
11/5/164:44 PM4.252.1 km10,000 m9km NW of Santosa,
7/31/163:46 AM4.211.1 km180,240 m11km NNE of Sumedang Utara,
5/11/165:21 PM4.427.1 km171,670 m6km E of Bandung,
2/23/163:53 PM4.354.2 km12,930 m10km N of Pasirangin Satu,
1/25/164:54 AM4.236.1 km241,110 m13km NW of Jatiwangi,

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Postal Codes

Percentage of businesses by Postal Codes in Sumedang Utara
 Postal Code 45621: 35.1%
 Postal Code 45322: 28.4%
 Postal Code 45323: 12.2%
 Postal Code 45352: 8.1%
 Postal Code 45311: 5.4%
 Postal Code 45321: 4.1%
 Other: 6.8%