Businesses in Oranit

Area of Oranit2.069 km²
Local TimeFriday 2:22 AM
TimezoneIsrael Daylight Time
Lat & Lng32.13165° / 34.99094°
Postal Codes44813

Oranit Population Density

Population Density: 4,385 / km²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Oranit9,0732.069 km²4,385 / km²
Qalqilya65,24226.6 km²2,450 / km²
Palestine4.4 million6,106.7 km²721.6 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/4/1812:45 PM4.785.2 km10,000 m5km SE of 'Eilabun,
7/3/186:50 PM483.8 km10,000 m6km SSE of 'Eilabun,
7/29/157:39 PM4.293.6 km13,000 m24km NNE of `En Boqeq,
10/20/135:54 AM3.597.2 km5,000 m8km NNE of Tiberias,
8/7/111:52 AM4.168.7 km31,000 mDead Sea
12/1/0711:38 PM473.3 km10,000 mDead Sea
11/23/072:19 PM4.430.5 km11,000 mDead Sea
11/20/073:21 PM3.275.6 km5,000 mDead Sea
11/20/071:18 AM4.673.1 km10,000 mDead Sea
11/17/066:57 PM3.143.1 km10,000 mDead Sea

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 Magnitude 3.0 and greater   Magnitude 4.0 and greater   Magnitude 5.0 and greater 


Oranit (Hebrew: אֳרָנִית) is an Israeli settlement and local council located in the Seam Zone, straddling the Green Line. It is surrounded by Horshim forest to the west, Rosh HaAyin and Kfar Qasim to the southwest, Sha'arei Tikva to the east, and Khi..  ︎  Oranit Wikipedia Page