Businesses in Revava

Local TimeSaturday 1:02 PM
TimezoneIsrael Daylight Time
Lat & Lng32.11926° / 35.12896°
Postal Codes44839

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/4/1812:45 PM4.780.8 km10,000 m5km SE of 'Eilabun,
7/3/186:50 PM479.4 km10,000 m6km SSE of 'Eilabun,
7/29/157:39 PM4.286.6 km13,000 m24km NNE of `En Boqeq,
10/20/135:54 AM3.591.8 km5,000 m8km NNE of Tiberias,
8/7/111:52 AM4.179.4 km31,000 mDead Sea
12/1/0711:38 PM463.5 km10,000 mDead Sea
11/23/072:19 PM4.433.8 km11,000 mDead Sea
11/20/073:21 PM3.265.4 km5,000 mDead Sea
11/20/071:18 AM4.663.1 km10,000 mDead Sea
11/17/066:57 PM3.130.1 km10,000 mDead Sea

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Revava (Hebrew: רְבָבָה), is an Orthodox Jewish Israeli settlement in the West Bank, between Barkan and Karnei Shomron, numbering about 350 families. It is under the jurisdiction of the Shomron Regional Council. international community considers Isr..  ︎  Revava Wikipedia Page