Khandwala Securities Ltd

Ground Floor, Vikas Building, Green Street, Fort, Fort, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400023, India
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City: Mumbai
Neighborhood: Fort
Postal: 400023
Administrative region: Maharashtra
Country: India


1 Contact for Khandwala Securities Ltd

Mr. Paresh J. KhandwalaKhandwala Securities Ltd


Khandwala Securities Ltd is located in Mumbai. Khandwala Securities Ltd is working in Finance other, Loan companies activities. You can contact the company at 022 4076 7373. You can find more information about Khandwala Securities Ltd at You can contact the company by email at . Mr. Paresh J. Khandwala is associated with the company.
Number of Employees
25- 100
USD 10,000,000 - USD 50,000,000
Categories:Loan companies, Other monetary intermediation.
ISIC Codes:6419.

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