Businesses in Ōminato Guard District

Local TimeThursday 4:49 PM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng41.27306° / 141.15528°
Postal Codes035

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/15/199:37 PM4.321.7 km133,010 m26km W of Mutsu,
8/14/1911:06 PM4.737.6 km87,590 m32km NNW of Misawa,
3/9/181:15 AM4.819.7 km94,280 m18km SSE of Mutsu,
6/8/177:51 AM4.336.6 km98,500 m32km ENE of Aomori-shi,
6/23/168:14 PM4.138.1 km96,260 m31km NNW of Misawa,
8/12/152:07 PM4.224.2 km108,340 m20km ESE of Mutsu,
4/23/156:15 AM4.67.9 km54,780 m3km NNE of Mutsu,
3/3/1412:28 PM4.641.6 km104,660 m26km NNW of Misawa,
10/23/139:04 PM4.711.6 km121,420 m10km NNW of Mutsu,
11/6/125:17 PM4.211.6 km98,400 mHokkaido, Japan

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