Businesses in Asakusabashi



Business Distribution by Industry
 Restaurants: 36.8%
 Shopping: 26.3%
 Automotive: 10.5%
 Local Services: 5.3%
 Home Services: 5.3%
 Religion: 5.3%
 Industry: 5.3%
 Entertainment: 5.3%
NeighborhoodsAzumabashi, Azumabashi, 2 Chome
Local TimeWednesday 6:06 PM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng35.70958° / 139.80315°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Asakusabashi
 Azumabashi: 66.7%
 Azumabashi, 2 Chome: 16.7%
 Azumabashi, 1 Chome: 11.1%
 Sumida: 5.6%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/15/1710:28 PM4.412.3 km118,650 m0km N of Shinagawa-ku,
9/13/163:12 AM521 km74,000 m1km N of Koshigaya,
9/8/161:17 PM4.413.5 km9,520 m7km S of Urayasu,
4/14/164:58 AM4.617.1 km47,070 m6km ESE of Komae,
3/23/155:40 AM4.118 km81,500 m2km SW of Yoshikawa,
12/31/146:49 AM4.512 km89,640 m0km SE of Matsudo,
11/24/1212:59 AM4.820.4 km83,100 mnear the south coast of Honshu,
8/12/129:48 PM4.517.3 km82,200 mnear the south coast of Honshu,
5/28/129:36 AM5.113.3 km66,200 mnear the south coast of Honshu,
11/3/113:34 AM516.6 km82,500 mnear the south coast of Honshu,

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