Businesses in Hashira Island

Area of Hashira Island, Yamaguchi Prefecture3.12 km²
Local TimeThursday 10:22 AM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng34.01667° / 132.41667°

Hashira Island, Yamaguchi Prefecture Population Density

Population Density: 59.0 / km²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Hashira Island, Yamaguchi Prefecture1843.12 km²59.0 / km²
Yamaguchi Prefecture1.3 million6,109.4 km²219.2 / km²
Japan122.9 million373,410.9 km²329.2 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
1/8/1812:52 PM4.640.7 km58,940 m27km S of Yanai,
8/15/1712:38 PM4.534 km58,110 m11km S of Yanai,
4/7/154:51 PM4.348.1 km49,710 m10km N of Ozu,
10/15/1412:39 PM4.143.8 km49,960 m9km SSW of Iyo,
9/7/126:41 PM4.633.3 km52,800 mShikoku,
7/22/1010:25 PM4.338.2 km15,700 mwestern Honshu,
2/20/106:49 PM4.131.3 km10,000 mShikoku,
9/1/092:40 PM435 km35,000 mShikoku,
9/18/083:23 PM4.129.2 km59,300 mShikoku,
3/7/0810:52 AM4.212.7 km50,300 mShikoku,

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Hashira Island, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Hashira Island (柱島, Hashira-jima) is an island in southern Hiroshima Bay of the Inland Sea, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Located 26 kilometres (16 mi) kilometers southeast of Iwakuni, it is part of the Kutsuna Islands within the Bōyo Islands group. T..  ︎  Hashira Island Wikipedia Page