Businesses in Iwai

Local TimeThursday 8:13 PM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng36.05° / 139.9°

Business distribution by price for Iwai, Ibaraki Prefecture

 Moderate: 50%
 Very Expensive: 25%
 Inexpensive: 12.5%
 Expensive: 12.5%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/28/1811:21 PM3.22.1 km73,140 m2km WSW of Iwai,
3/26/182:44 AM4.35.3 km65,390 m5km NNW of Iwai,
10/17/173:40 PM4.53.3 km58,710 m3km SW of Iwai,
8/2/179:45 PM4.54.8 km57,580 m4km NNE of Iwai,
7/11/1710:36 AM4.13.1 km70,310 m3km NNE of Iwai,
3/23/179:29 AM4.34.9 km54,710 m4km E of Iwai,
8/27/166:46 AM4.51.9 km44,300 m1km NW of Iwai,
7/16/169:24 PM55.4 km40,220 m5km SSE of Iwai,
6/6/169:01 PM4.41.8 km51,260 m1km WNW of Iwai,
5/16/162:55 PM4.55.6 km48,990 m4km NNW of Mitsukaido,

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