Businesses in Jōhen, Ehime

Local TimeWednesday 3:34 PM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng32.96165° / 132.57554°
Postal Codes798

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/19/197:50 AM4.444.6 km35,000 m51km SW of Sukumo,
5/11/1911:07 PM4.737.5 km36,340 m46km WSW of Sukumo,
5/10/194:59 PM4.937.5 km35,000 m46km SW of Sukumo,
3/10/1911:37 PM4.931.3 km44,210 m6km SE of Kihoku-cho,
2/18/1810:31 AM544.7 km42,040 m27km SE of Saiki,
6/20/177:27 AM551.4 km36,760 m15km SE of Saiki,
3/2/176:53 AM5.357.4 km44,420 m39km SSE of Saiki,
8/21/1512:54 AM4.453.6 km46,910 m36km WNW of Uwajima,
7/24/151:53 AM4.652.6 km44,110 m18km WSW of Ozu,
2/2/159:07 PM4.562 km52,980 m17km E of Ozu,

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