Businesses in Kami-shirataki

Local TimeSunday 10:44 AM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng43.86667° / 143.15°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/12/184:51 PM4.359.8 km227,450 m17km SE of Nayoro,
7/4/168:45 AM452.9 km206,080 m27km SSE of Nayoro,
12/4/137:22 AM4.368.9 km231,090 m10km E of Nayoro,
8/12/135:09 PM5.130.5 km177,920 m35km WSW of Kitami,
10/26/123:52 AM4.566.5 km128,100 mHokkaido, Japan
4/22/126:13 AM4.544.2 km192,100 mHokkaido, Japan
10/21/111:02 AM6.154 km187,000 mHokkaido, Japan
12/31/079:32 PM3.742.5 km233,600 mHokkaido, Japan
5/16/0711:43 PM3.772.1 km232,300 mHokkaido, Japan
1/26/078:27 PM3.973 km129,800 mHokkaido, Japan

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