Businesses in Kawauchi, Aomori


Business Distribution by Industry
 Religion: 30.8%
 Community & Government: 15.4%
 Industry: 15.4%
 Sports & Activities: 15.4%
 Entertainment: 7.7%
 Home Services: 7.7%
 Professional Services: 7.7%
Area of Kawauchi, Aomori323.7 km²
Local TimeThursday 5:02 PM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng41.1975° / 140.99679°

Kawauchi, Aomori Population Density

Population Density: 16.4 / km²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Kawauchi, Aomori5,309323.7 km²16.4 / km²
Aomori Prefecture1.3 million9,653.4 km²130.0 / km²
Japan122.9 million373,410.9 km²329.2 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Kawauchi, Aomori
 Sawauchi Sunagomata: 28.6%
 Sunagomata, Sawauchi: 28.6%
 Sakashiuchi Shimokawauchi: 14.3%
 Machiwake Kamikawauchi: 14.3%
 Hirakawa: 14.3%

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Kawauchi, Aomori
 Area Code 175: 50%
 Area Code 24: 25%
 Area Code 23: 12.5%
 Area Code 3: 12.5%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/15/199:37 PM4.316.3 km133,010 m26km W of Mutsu,
8/14/1911:06 PM4.732.7 km87,590 m32km NNW of Misawa,
8/14/1910:32 PM5.440.6 km88,380 m24km NNW of Misawa,
12/13/183:34 AM4.243.3 km90,550 m22km NW of Misawa,
3/9/181:15 AM4.826 km94,280 m18km SSE of Mutsu,
6/8/177:51 AM4.329.1 km98,500 m32km ENE of Aomori-shi,
6/23/168:14 PM4.133.2 km96,260 m31km NNW of Misawa,
8/12/152:07 PM4.236.7 km108,340 m20km ESE of Mutsu,
4/23/156:15 AM4.623.7 km54,780 m3km NNE of Mutsu,
3/3/1412:28 PM4.638 km104,660 m26km NNW of Misawa,

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Kawauchi, Aomori

Kawauchi (川内町, Kawauchi-machi) was a town located in Shimokita District in northern Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Village was founded in 1889 from the merger the hamlets of Kawauchi, Hinokigawa, Shukunohe, and Kakizaki. It was elevated to town status on..  ︎  Kawauchi, Aomori Wikipedia Page

Postal Codes

Percentage of businesses by Postal Codes in Kawauchi, Aomori
 Postal Code 300: 21.4%
 Postal Code 979: 21.4%
 Postal Code 999: 14.3%
 Postal Code 039: 14.3%
 Postal Code 791: 10.7%
 Postal Code 699: 7.1%
 Postal Code 796: 3.6%
 Postal Code 981: 3.6%
 Postal Code 987: 3.6%