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Businesses in Nanyō Shi



Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 62.5%
 Food: 18.8%
 Automotive: 9.4%
 Restaurants: 6.2%
 Entertainment: 3.1%
Local TimeWednesday 10:27 PM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng38.10319° / 140.15609°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Nanyō Shi
 Miyauchi: 33.3%
 Mitsumadori: 33.3%
 Akayu, 2885: 16.7%
 Nanyō: 16.7%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/15/197:30 AM4.530.2 km101,610 m8km E of Yamagata-shi,
10/15/1611:14 PM4.739.8 km130,539 m7km NNW of Hobara,
9/24/151:06 PM4.333.9 km123,870 m3km ESE of Tendo,
7/16/144:16 PM4.328 km132,170 m8km ESE of Yamagata-shi,
10/1/129:12 AM4.441.2 km41,500 meastern Honshu,
9/1/1210:45 AM4.637 km35,600 meastern Honshu,
4/23/128:28 PM4.538.5 km40,400 meastern Honshu,
4/19/123:53 PM4.247.6 km38,200 meastern Honshu,
10/27/111:29 PM4.645.8 km51,600 meastern Honshu,
8/26/116:00 PM4.137.5 km149,300 mnear the west coast of Honshu,

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