Businesses in Rishiri Town


Business Distribution by Industry
 Hotels & Travel: 21.6%
 Restaurants: 12.6%
 Shopping: 10.2%
 Industry: 9.3%
 Community & Government: 8.2%
 Food: 5.9%
 Education: 5.4%
 Religion: 5%
 Other: 21.8%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Public administration114.1
General contractors72.6
Other accommodation64.02.2
Area Codes1638
NeighborhoodsHoncho Kutsugata, Honcho Senhoshi, Kutsugata, Fujimicho, Kutsugata, Hinodecho, Kutsugata, Honcho, Kutsugata, Kamui, Kutsugata, Tanetomicho, Senhoshi, Honcho, Senhoshi, Masatomari, Senhoshi, Misaki, Shinminato Kutsugata
Local TimeSunday 10:37 AM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng45.15928° / 141.19629°
Postal Codes097


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Rishiri Town
 Kutsugata, Honcho: 11.4%
 Kutsugata, Tanetomicho: 10.1%
 Senhoshi, Masatomari: 8.9%
 Kutsugata, Kamui: 7.6%
 Senhoshi, Honcho: 5.1%
 Kutsugata, Hinodecho: 5.1%
 Honcho Kutsugata: 3.8%
 Senhoshi, Misaki: 3.8%
 Honcho Senhoshi: 3.8%
 Kutsugata, Fujimicho: 3.8%
 Shinminato Kutsugata: 3.8%
 Other: 32.9%

Business distribution by price for Rishiri Town, Hokkaido

 Moderate: 62.5%
 Inexpensive: 25%
 Expensive: 12.5%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
10/25/183:25 AM4.146.8 km271,600 m46km S of Rishiri Town,
12/1/161:06 PM4.463.8 km254,230 m63km SSE of Rishiri Town,
7/18/169:18 AM452.6 km251,500 m52km S of Rishiri Town,
11/1/132:21 PM450.1 km260,440 m50km SSE of Rishiri Town,
1/3/133:14 AM4.650.6 km39,700 mHokkaido, Japan
8/7/111:26 AM4.365.1 km251,900 mHokkaido, Japan
7/19/101:21 AM4.963.6 km247,000 mHokkaido, Japan
10/24/078:21 AM3.955.1 km258,899 mHokkaido, Japan
8/31/071:14 PM3.657.3 km248,300 meastern Sea of
3/29/072:15 AM4.851.7 km271,400 mHokkaido, Japan

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