Businesses in Shimamatsu-honmachi

Area Codes136
Local TimeSunday 8:41 AM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng42.92408° / 141.57597°
Postal Codes061

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
5/4/195:34 AM4.423.3 km133,590 m10km SSE of Chitose,
4/19/1912:05 AM4.638.7 km130,669 m7km SSW of Tomakomai,
2/22/199:03 AM4.327.9 km35,000 m18km E of Chitose,
1/24/1911:47 PM4.140.1 km125,820 m8km SSW of Tomakomai,
10/18/185:12 AM4.431.6 km38,750 m26km ENE of Chitose,
10/11/185:14 PM4.538.9 km17,940 m17km E of Tomakomai,
9/16/1810:51 AM4.836.4 km13,880 m22km ENE of Tomakomai,
9/13/185:48 PM4.430.7 km35,000 m24km ENE of Chitose,
9/8/182:21 AM4.434.5 km35,640 m23km ESE of Chitose,
9/5/183:45 PM4.331.8 km43,510 m23km E of Chitose,

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