Best of Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka - Cybo

Local TimeSaturday 10:55 PM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng34.61429° / 135.4958°
Postal Codes558

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/10/1912:30 PM4.245.3 km366,200 m5km NW of Muko,
7/7/1811:45 PM3.839.2 km10,000 m4km SSW of Kameoka,
6/23/187:08 AM3.928.6 km10,000 m2km NE of Hirakata,
6/18/183:52 PM3.722.2 km10,000 m1km ENE of Neyagawa,
6/18/188:31 AM4.621.9 km10,000 m2km NNW of Neyagawa,
6/17/183:58 PM5.526.8 km10,340 m1km NW of Hirakata,
11/11/145:13 PM4.641 km62,380 m5km NNW of Koya,
8/5/149:17 AM4.442.7 km26,690 m4km W of Kameoka,
7/19/1410:35 PM427.1 km373,250 m3km ESE of Hirakata,
12/14/137:13 AM4.533.2 km21,810 m2km ENE of Tenri,

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Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka

Sumiyoshi-ku (住吉区) is one of 24 wards of Osaka, Japan. It is located on the southern part of the Uemachi Plateau, in the southernmost part of Osaka City, and is separated from Sakai City's Sakai-ku and Kita-ku by the Yamato River. There are six rail ..  ︎  Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka Wikipedia Page