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Business Distribution by Industry
 Restaurants: 24.4%
 Shopping: 13.7%
 Sports & Activities: 9.3%
 Industry: 8.9%
 Food: 7.9%
 Medical: 6.9%
 Automotive: 5.2%
 Other: 23.7%
Local TimeSaturday 4:12 AM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng33.24528° / 131.69165°
Postal Codes870

Business distribution by price for Tsurusaki

 Moderate: 50%
 Inexpensive: 37.2%
 Expensive: 12.8%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
6/7/181:25 PM4.238.8 km119,510 m4km NNW of Takedamachi,
8/14/169:36 PM4.932 km71,680 m17km ESE of Kunisaki-shi,
6/30/1610:39 PM4.931.8 km78,900 m5km SSE of Kunisaki-shi,
4/28/1611:09 PM4.237.7 km2,350 m12km E of Tsukawaki,
4/20/161:16 PM4.524.1 km8,020 m6km WSW of Beppu,
4/19/1610:27 PM4.425.7 km14,160 m7km WSW of Beppu,
4/15/163:11 PM5.129.6 km10,000 m11km WSW of Beppu,
4/15/1610:49 AM4.533.8 km10,000 m16km WSW of Beppu,
4/15/169:30 AM5.144 km10,000 m13km SW of Saiki,
7/12/1510:52 AM5.525.2 km53,000 m10km SSW of Usuki,

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