Businesses in Uken, Kagoshima

Hotels & Travel
Financial Services
Beauty & Spas
Community & Government


Business Distribution by Industry
 Education: 12.7%
 Industry: 11.4%
 Restaurants: 11.4%
 Medical: 10.1%
 Food: 8.9%
 Community & Government: 7.6%
 Sports & Activities: 7.6%
 Hotels & Travel: 6.3%
 Automotive: 5.1%
 Beauty & Spas: 5.1%
 Financial Services: 5.1%
 Shopping: 3.8%
 Other: 5.1%
Area of Uken, Kagoshima103.1 km²
NeighborhoodsSuko, Yuwan
Local TimeMonday 11:13 AM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Lat & Lng28.3° / 129.23333°

Uken, Kagoshima Population Density

Population Density: 17.9 / km²
LocationPopulationAreaPopulation Density
Uken, Kagoshima1,843103.1 km²17.9 / km²
Kagoshima Prefecture1.6 million9,185.9 km²172.0 / km²
Japan122.9 million373,410.9 km²329.2 / km²
Sources: JRC (European Commission's Joint Research Centre) work on the GHS built-up grid


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Uken, Kagoshima
 Yuwan: 65.3%
 Suko: 12.2%
 Kushi: 4.1%
 Nagara: 4.1%
 Ashiken: 4.1%
 Taken: 4.1%
 Other: 6.1%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
2/9/199:34 PM4.931.3 km36,300 m19km SSE of Naze,
1/31/1810:48 PM4.427.9 km41,950 m30km SSW of Naze,
9/9/168:54 PM4.423.7 km39,020 m12km S of Naze,
4/23/162:02 PM4.520.3 km79,810 m45km W of Naze,
1/9/166:17 AM4.620.1 km10,000 m28km SSW of Naze,
12/4/143:45 PM4.327.7 km111,180 m49km W of Naze,
11/19/1312:30 AM4.422.7 km91,020 m45km W of Naze,
6/21/1312:31 AM4.634.2 km43,900 m45km SSW of Naze,
12/3/126:29 AM4.632.5 km47,000 mRyukyu Islands,
1/29/123:15 AM4.626.5 km50,900 mRyukyu Islands,

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Uken, Kagoshima

Uken (宇検村, Uken-son) is a village located on Amami Ōshima, in Ōshima District, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. of June 2013, the village had an estimated population of 1,843 and a population density of 17.9 persons per km2. The total area was 103.07 km..  ︎  Uken, Kagoshima Wikipedia Page