Businesses in Yono

Beauty & Spas


Business Distribution by Industry
 Restaurants: 39.5%
 Shopping: 17.7%
 Food: 10.9%
 Sports & Activities: 6.1%
 Other: 25.9%
Population1.1 million
Local TimeThursday 2:09 AM
TimezoneJapan Standard Time
Weather16.6°C clear sky
Lat & Lng35.88333° / 139.63333°

Business distribution by price for Yono, Saitama Prefecture

 Moderate: 68.7%
 Inexpensive: 22.4%
 Expensive: 9%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
9/16/172:58 PM3.815.5 km65,430 m4km N of Tokorozawa,
9/13/175:27 PM4.67.7 km53,240 m1km NNW of Asaka,
5/27/1711:18 PM4.59.9 km129,479 m2km SE of Oi,
9/13/163:12 AM513.7 km74,000 m1km N of Koshigaya,
5/24/1510:28 PM5.112.5 km38,740 m3km NE of Ageo,
4/23/157:59 PM4.414.7 km99,760 m6km NNE of Kawagoe,
2/5/147:46 AM4.817.4 km91,780 m1km WSW of Sugito,
1/31/138:04 AM4.812.4 km52,100 m1km N of Kasukabe,
8/3/126:19 AM4.815.1 km67,900 mnear the south coast of Honshu,
6/1/121:48 AM5.110.8 km63,100 mnear the south coast of Honshu,

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