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Financial Services
Local TimeFriday 4:02 PM
TimezoneEast Africa Time
Lat & Lng-3.4° / 38.38333°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
3/24/199:21 AM4.744.4 km10,000 m41km S of Mtito Andei,
1/1/911:37 PM4.231.9 km10,000
10/6/848:55 PM4.777.1 km10,000

Mbale, Kenya

Mbale is a town in western Kenya, the central town and headquarters of Vihiga County. It is also called Maragoli, after the indigenous inhabitants of the area. The town is located at the middle of two major towns i.e. Kakamega and Kisumu, and is home..  ︎  Mbale, Kenya Wikipedia Page