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Businesses in Ak-Mechet'-Aral

Local TimeTuesday 6:47 AM
TimezoneKyrgyzstan Time
Lat & Lng40.85994° / 72.68054°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
8/20/161:34 PM411.1 km10,000 m10km WNW of Suzak, Kyrgyzstanusgs.gov
2/10/163:52 PM4.427.4 km42,170 m12km E of Bazar-Korgon, Kyrgyzstanusgs.gov
12/31/157:26 PM4.33.9 km40,300 m18km NNW of Qurghontepa, Uzbekistanusgs.gov
12/31/152:15 PM4.512.2 km48,210 m20km NE of Andijon, Uzbekistanusgs.gov
10/20/1112:59 AM4.720.9 km35,000 mKyrgyzstanusgs.gov
2/18/112:15 PM4.220.1 km40,300 mKyrgyzstanusgs.gov
4/26/094:54 PM4.919.6 km27,700 mKyrgyzstanusgs.gov
5/28/054:37 AM3.831.9 km47,800 mKyrgyzstanusgs.gov
1/9/053:36 PM42.2 km13,800 mKyrgyzstanusgs.gov
12/6/032:30 AM4.127.3 km33,000 mKyrgyzstanusgs.gov

Find historical earthquake occurrences near Ak-Mechet'-Aral, Jalal-Abad Region

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 Magnitude 3.0 and greater   Magnitude 4.0 and greater   Magnitude 5.0 and greater 

Ak-Mechet'-Aral, Jalal-Abad Region

Ak-Mechet'-Aral is a village in Osh Region of Kyrgyzstan.  ︎  Ak-Mechet'-Aral Wikipedia Page