Businesses in Gaz, Kyrgyzstan

Local TimeTuesday 9:21 AM
TimezoneKyrgyzstan Time
Lat & Lng39.86813° / 71.02198°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/16/193:45 AM4.633.6 km10,000 m24km NNW of Khaydarkan,
7/15/191:50 AM4.431.5 km10,000 m27km NW of Khaydarkan,
9/3/186:50 AM4.941.5 km9,190 m37km S of Khaydarkan,
6/10/172:41 PM4.339.1 km9,410 m27km NE of Batken,
5/26/1712:09 PM4.352.4 km19,940 m29km NNW of Karakenja,
5/20/172:58 PM4.352.9 km10,000 m29km NNW of Karakenja,
5/6/1712:01 PM4.249.1 km10,000 m33km NNW of Karakenja,
5/6/1712:15 AM554.4 km10,000 m29km NNW of Karakenja,
5/4/1711:38 PM4.755.5 km8,550 m27km NNW of Karakenja,
5/4/1710:25 PM4.847.8 km10,000 m34km NNW of Karakenja,

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Gaz, Kyrgyzstan

Gaz is a village in Batken Region of Kyrgyzstan. towns and villages include Augul (5 miles), Tayan (6 miles) and Subash (7 miles).  ︎  Gaz, Kyrgyzstan Wikipedia Page