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Local TimeTuesday 3:59 AM
TimezoneKyrgyzstan Time
Lat & Lng42.70305° / 75.06046°

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/20/175:55 PM4.514.8 km10,000 m27km SSW of Staraya Pokrovka,
4/20/175:41 PM4.215.5 km9,740 m29km SSW of Staraya Pokrovka,
12/17/169:54 PM4.564.7 km11,540 m39km NE of Georgievka,
1/22/157:52 AM4.938.9 km21,250 m57km SSW of Staraya Pokrovka,
5/27/147:25 PM4.226 km9,920 m37km S of Kant,
1/21/1412:46 PM468.5 km6,950 m51km ENE of Chayek,
11/23/131:42 AM4.956.9 km9,760 m28km S of Kemin,
4/9/115:30 AM4.973.4 km14,400
3/18/112:36 AM4.150.8 km21,300 mcentral
3/1/105:55 PM5.153.2 km21,300

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Syn-Tash, Chuy Region

Syn-Tash (or Syntash) is a village in the Ysyk-Ata District of Chuy Province of Kyrgyzstan.  ︎  Syn-Tash Wikipedia Page