Businesses in Al Ahmadi, Kuwait


Business Distribution by Industry
 Professional Services: 16%
 Industry: 15.9%
 Shopping: 12.3%
 Restaurants: 9.6%
 Hotels & Travel: 8.5%
 Automotive: 6.7%
 Other: 31%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Age of BusinessAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Car repair164.00.0
Gas stations244.10.1
Beauty salons154.00.0
Public administration313.90.1
Preschools and kindergartens143.70.0
Loan companies314.00.1
Grocery stores and supermarkets493.80.1
General contractors304.10.1
Real estate293.90.1
Other accommodation153.90.0
Construction of buildings574.10.1
Tractors and farm equipment255.00.1
Wholesale of machinery304.10.1
Corporate management634.10.2
American restaurants153.80.0
Fast food restaurants153.80.0
Clothing stores154.10.0
Department stores283.90.1
Electronics stores233.90.1
Office supplies and stationery stores584.10.1
Pharmacies and drug stores304.00.1
Fitness centers154.00.0
Area Codes232723282398
NeighborhoodsAl-Aḥmadī, Block 1, Block 2, Block 3, Block 4, Block 5, East Ahmadi, Mid Ahmadi, Mīnā' 'Abdāllah, Wusṭ al-Aḥmadī
Local TimeWednesday 2:12 AM
TimezoneArabian Standard Time
Lat & Lng29.07694° / 48.08389°


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
 Wusṭ al-Aḥmadī: 17.3%
 Al-Aḥmadī: 9.9%
 East Ahmadi: 9.1%
 Block 1: 6.9%
 Block 5: 5.3%
 Other: 51.5%

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Al Ahmadi, Kuwait
 Area Code 2398: 22.7%
 Area Code 9: 17.2%
 Area Code 6: 12.7%
 Area Code 5: 10.6%
 Area Code 2371: 8.4%
 Area Code 2372: 6.1%
 Area Code 2383: 6.1%
 Other: 16.4%

Business distribution by price for Al Ahmadi, Kuwait

 Inexpensive: 54.8%
 Moderate: 36.3%
 Expensive: 8.9%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
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8/18/154:26 AM4.476.3 km15,070 m36km N of Al Jahra',
3/21/154:23 AM4.360 km14,950 m42km SSW of Al Jahra',
11/11/127:46 PM4.252.5 km17,600 mKuwait-Saudi Arabia border
8/2/129:47 AM4.275.4 km11,400 mKuwait
8/1/129:32 PM4.279.9 km10,000 mKuwait
2/19/082:28 AM4.346.4 km10,000 mKuwait-Saudi Arabia border
8/17/073:46 PM462.2 km10,000 mKuwait-Saudi Arabia border
12/29/062:22 AM4.659.3 km10,000 mKuwait-Saudi Arabia border
12/30/9710:18 AM4.465.6 km10,000 mKuwait-Saudi Arabia border

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Al Ahmadi, Kuwait

Al Ahmadi is a town founded in 1946 with the discovery of oil there, located in Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait. Al Ahmadi is a district located in the south of the country. It contains the headquarters for the Kuwait Oil Company. Al Ahmadi in Kuwait i..  ︎  Al Ahmadi, Kuwait Wikipedia Page