Businesses in Nador


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 23.3%
 Professional Services: 11.1%
 Industry: 8.3%
 Restaurants: 7.8%
 Hotels & Travel: 6.6%
 Medical: 6.2%
 Beauty & Spas: 5.6%
 Automotive: 5.2%
 Education: 5%
 Other: 20.9%
Industry DescriptionNumber of EstablishmentsAverage Google RatingBusinesses per 1,000 residents
Beauty salons304.00.1
Loan companies223.50.1
Grocery stores and supermarkets213.60.1
Real estate364.10.2
Car rental174.10.1
Hotels and motels183.80.1
Other accommodation313.80.2
Travel agencies184.00.1
Construction of buildings324.00.2
Other transport activities164.00.1
Wholesale of construction supplies133.10.1
Health and medical424.10.2
Legal and financial224.30.1
Technical construction services184.00.1
Department stores243.60.1
Electronics stores154.60.1
Hardware stores153.80.1
Pharmacies and drug stores944.00.5
Area Codes5325363
NeighborhoodsHay Al Matar, Ichomay, JALLOUNE, Jaadar, Olad Mimoun, Oulad Lahssan, Oulad Mimoun, Quartier Chaala, Quartier Taouima, SAADA, الحي العسكري, القسارية
Local TimeThursday 8:07 AM
Weather21.1°C scattered clouds
Lat & Lng35.16813° / -2.93352°
Postal Codes6200062002620036200462005More


Business Distribution by neighborhood in Nador
 Hay Al Matar: 15.3%
 Oulad Lahssan: 5.6%
 SAADA: 5.6%
 Olad Mimoun: 5.6%
 Quartier Chaala: 4.8%
 Quartier Taouima: 4.8%
 Jaadar: 4.8%
 الحي العسكري: 4.8%
 Other: 39.5%

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Nador
 Area Code 5363: 46.3%
 Area Code 5366: 30.1%
 Area Code 661: 7%
 Other: 16.6%

Business distribution by price for Nador, Oriental (Morocco)

 Inexpensive: 84%
 Moderate: 11.3%
 Expensive: 4.7%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
7/31/1410:14 AM4.119 km7,500 m8km SSW of Selouane,
10/1/061:44 AM3.515.8 km10,200 mStrait of
9/18/069:26 PM3.419.8 km10,200 mStrait of
7/28/068:40 PM3.118.7 km23,500 mStrait of
8/21/057:41 PM3.222.1 km3,500
6/21/0510:00 PM3.516.9 km17,700 mStrait of
6/10/0511:04 PM3.620.5 kmNoneStrait of
4/10/0511:46 AM3.318.8 km10,400 mStrait of
4/2/054:49 AM3.518.7 km9,800 mStrait of
3/22/056:55 PM3.620 km9,300

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Nador, Oriental (Morocco)

Nador (Berber: Ennaḍor, ⴻⵏⵏⴰⴹⵓⵔ; Arabic: الناظور) is a city located in the northeastern Rif region of Morocco, situated on the salt lagoon of Sebkha Bou Areq. The city is a Mediterranean port on the Bḥar Ameẓẓyan lagoon (Mar Chica in Spanish), and it..  ︎  Nador Wikipedia Page