Businesses in Kyaukpadaung


Business Distribution by Industry
 Shopping: 24.2%
 Restaurants: 22%
 Food: 11%
 Religion: 8.7%
 Education: 7.2%
 Hotels & Travel: 6.8%
 Automotive: 5.7%
 Other: 14.4%
Area Codes61
Local TimeSaturday 8:03 AM
TimezoneMyanmar Time
Lat & Lng20.84158° / 95.1267°

Area Codes

Percentage Area Codes used by businesses in Kyaukpadaung
 Area Code 61: 50%
 Area Code 9: 40%
 Area Code 1: 10%

Recent Nearby Earthquakes

Magnitude 3.0 and greater
4/29/1810:58 AM4.576.7 km90,500 m46km NW of Chauk,
8/24/163:57 AM4.548.7 km93,150 m16km WNW of Chauk,
8/24/163:34 AM6.858.7 km82,000 m26km W of Chauk,
8/1/163:01 AM5.155.8 km131,470 m17km W of Pakokku,
3/6/167:13 PM4.618.7 km100,990 m24km ENE of Chauk,
9/28/156:59 PM4.466.7 km89,180 m36km NW of Chauk,
11/16/148:34 PM5.373.8 km66,000 m42km WSW of Chauk,
12/23/138:16 AM4.851.8 km93,960 m19km WNW of Yenangyaung,
1/18/104:03 PM4.635.8 km99,700
9/21/0912:38 PM5.759.6 km84,200

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Kyaukpadaung, Mandalay Region

Kyaukpadaung (Burmese: ေက ် ာက္ပန္းေတာင္းၿမိဳ႕ [tɕaʊʔ bə dáʊɴ mjo̰]) is a town in Mandalay Region in Central Myanmar. It lies just southwest of Mount Popa. It is the administrative seat for Kyaukpadaung Township.   ︎  Kyaukpadaung Wikipedia Page